This network provides a forum to promote online events in Macroeconometrics. It circulates information on upcoming presentations from different sources (virtual seminars, university series, workshops), as long as the talks relate to Macroeconometrics. With time, we will organize internal seminars, provide a depository for learning tools, and more.

Are you planning an event and would like a wider audience? Does your university organize online seminars that can be shared with externals? Did you spot an interesting working paper that many would like to see presented but you don't know how to proceed? Get in touch, we will help you with the organization and add you to the calendar. We can also offer you our Zoom account for large meetings and webinars.

The idea behind this network is that many of us have relatively few colleagues in our research departments who research in Macroeconometrics. As a result, you might struggle to receive feedback, lack the critical mass to invite speakers, and only rarely enjoy presentations related to your interests.

The COVID-19 pandemic made us realize that an online research community is possible. We aim to build a network that survives the pandemic, offering a stable forum where you can regularly find presentations in Macroeconometrics.

We hope it can help you,

Majid Al-Sadoon (Durham University)
Michele Piffer (King's College London)

In collaboration with: